Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. John Lennon

cover cd giuseppe deliso Rebirth

This first disc seeing Giuseppe Deliso as author, is characterized by a focus on how an individual changes and evolves, and by one’s natural evolution towards freedom.

We are far too often influence by our environment, our families, our religion into being a specific type of person that in general is not who we would really like to be. Parents, tutors, priests, reverends, rabbis and the likes are all deciding, willingly or unwillingly, the kind of life that we should live. And while we are busy developing the lifeplan that has been chosen for us, life streams in front of our eyes..

In REBIRTH, Giuseppe Deliso, expresses his journey towards freedom. To him, being reborn is to catch that instant passing in front of us, because in that instant lies our real self.

REBIRTH begins with “Saturday Night Groove” an Even 8ths borrowing sounds from R&B; a very engaging theme with sparkles of pure energy.

The next track is “Emotions” , a romantic ballad describing a metaphoric interior trip. It is a very intimate tune, describing our identities, loves, human feelings and our inner worlds. A mention goes to the beautiful piano intro executed by Vito Liturri.

The playlist goes on with a classic repertoire of any jazz musician, with good blues: played in F, and “Blues-4-F” which is in fact an engaging Swing 8ths .

Afterwards we can find a wonderful bossa track titled “O Livro Està Sobre a Mesa”. This track was born from gloomy and sad thoughts, emphasized by an upbeat piano intro. The title is intentionally ironical: “the book is on the table” in Portuguese.

The following track is the one giving name to the album “Rebirth”.

The track starts with a fascinating bass intro, realized and executed by the bass player Marco Boccia.
Metaphorically, Rebirth is the sparkle of the record. The harmonic and structural sounds have been composed by Giuseppe Deliso 20 years before the full track was actually finalized. The track has been renovated and finalized, with Giuseppe re-writing and re-playing it over the years, showing that in fact this composition is a part of his inner path. concluding the composition of this track means that Giuseppe Deliso is ready to complete what he begun years earlier, it is its full awareness and its rebirth.

The last track comes up: “Soul Cha Cha”. It is a catchy, Latin-style song, the perfect goodbye for the listener, with a final eyewink.

This record ends in the best possible way since it recalls the Rebirth theme. It ends in fact with a final re-birth. The musical instrument that has been used is nothing less than a violoncello. This is a free interpretation of the topic ,and it begins with a brilliant improvisation executed by Davide Viterbo

A final praise to the other two extraordinary musicians that were not mentioned: Vincenzo Antonicelli, sax soprano e Lello Patruno, drums.